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Ashley Whetter's Blog

[programming, linux] ++ [stuff]

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Hello, I'm Ashley. I'm the pipeline developer at Aardman Animations in Bristol. I recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol. I enjoy cooking, cycling, watching movies, and gaming. But most of all I love programming. I currently know C, C++, Ruby, and Python. I also have experience with C#, Haskell, Java, and Javscript.

I use Arch Linux as my main OS and I have much experience with Windows. My favourite text editor is vim. I love to learn about computer science so I'm always looking to broaden my horizons.

In the past I have worked on the MAchine Guided Energy Efficient Compilation (MAGEEC) project to produce it's testing framework for compiling multiple programs with multiple compilers and compiler configuration options. The compiled programs are then run by the framework onto multiple platforms, and the energy consumption of the program is recorded into a database for use by the MAGEEC compiler plugin. The source code for the framework is available here.

Recently I worked on a project at SN Systems to improve the speed of an IO bound linker by prefetching files from disk in another thread. For my Masters thesis I assessed the performance of various techniques to speed up SPH fluid simulations in multi-threaded CPUs.